"Graceful, Harmonious and Worldly approaches to Elegance and Artfully Designed spaces for Todays Residential and Commercial Interiors"

Lisa Bakke Interiors 


"My very first project was a two bedroom, Swiss Chalet, with a cozy third floor playroom. Window coverings, floor selections, antique carpets, artwork, furniture and dishes...every detail was considered and carefully selected. I knew the moment the raised velvet wall coverings were carefully applied in the final bedroom, that I would never tire of creating beauty in a space...And it all began with the doll house, a Swiss Chalet, a Christmas gift from my parents, when I was a rather precocious child of six . From that point forward, I knew what my lifelong passion would be...finding, and creating beauty in all things.

A native of Chicago, I grew up visiting the museums, galleries and sights of the city. Admiring fourth of July fireworks from the lake, aboard the Chris Craft cabin cruiser my father had lovingly and meticulously restored. Perusing tag sales along country farm roads, and auctions held in old barns, with my parents, on beautiful Saturday fall afternoons in the nearby townships. My eyes always searching for that “gem” of a piece...long forgotten, and hidden amongst all the junk.

A self-motivated fascination with art and beautiful objects, my passion has evolved with an unyielding affinity for intelligent architecture, effortless elegance and uncompromising quality.

My love of travel, and far away cultures, consistently lead me to one of a kind treasures, for which they invariably find themselves, comfortably at home with my clients, as I strive to gently link the past with a more present and transitional aesthetic.

Unafraid to take charge, I continuously strive to improve through knowledge and experience. Always searching for a way to transform and enhance the design process for my clients. Honesty, integrity, straightforwardness, kindness, consideration, compromise, confidence, organized leadership and excellent communication....all of these qualities evoking strengths that assist me in attaining, and articulating, the vision my clients request that I produce for them.

I subscribe to the thought that one must always do their best, no matter what, and the individuals and trades that I bring with me to my projects adhere to the same values and mindset. I absolutely love what I do, and I adore my clients. Each project brings a new perspective and a fresh approach to my repertoire of experiences.

There is no greater Joy for me than to create serene, quietly confident, exquisitely tailored, sustainably designed spaces that provide stylish, art infused, comfort for my clients in this modern world."

Lisa Bakke, Lisa Bakke Interiors